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These Incredible Magicians And Acrobats Are Being Kicked Out Of Their Home To Make Way For A Mall

Maya Pawar is an acrobat who's lived on government land in the Indian capital of Delhi all of her life. Although Kathputli Colony has become a haven for traditional art forms that range from sword swallowing to miniature painting, the land the artists live on doesn't belong to them.

"In our family, we remove fear from a child's mind at a very young age," Pawar, told the makers ofTomorrow We Disappear, a documentary that chronicles the uncertain fate of the people who live in the region.

Although she can bend metal rods with her sternum and walk tightropes whilst balancing earthen jugs on her head, Pawar has lived much of her life in fear.

"Until now we've been living in a place that's not our own," Pawar said. "We know that the land is not ours; it's government land. But our people think they've built sold, finished homes, so it's theirs now. They think that they own it. They don't realize it can be torn down at any moment. It can all crumble."

That longstanding fear came to a head in 2011 when the government announced that it had sold the land to Raheja Developers, one of the largest development companies in India. The 10,000 residents of the area — many of them artists like Pawar — felt tied to the land that many of their forebears settled more than 50 years ago.

"The government things that we're powerless," Puran Bhat, a puppeteer, said. "They think we don't have any idea about how to get things done. That we'll just take whatever they give us."

What the government offered the residents of Kathputli through Raheja Developers were flats — but only after they moved into temporary housing in another part of town. He and many others feared that those were merely false promises to get them to move from the area they had developed to serve their various crafts.

"It's the unseen connective tissue of architecture and culture," Adam Weber, one of the documentary's directors, said in an interview with ThinkProgress. "[Residents believe] you can't change the context of how you're living and your identity and not be affected."

He and co-director Jimmy Goldblum believe that if Kathputli has staved off demolition for so long, it's because of the tradition of art.

"In India, it has notoriety," Goldblum said. "[It's] little bit safer than other slums in New Delhi, so when other slums get knocked down as they very often do, they try to relocate to Kathputhli."

CCI charge in New Town Heights (Gurgaon) puzzles DLF
This is really funny. DLF is fighting its case under the Competition Act, in the Competition Commission of India (CCI), whose jurisdiction is the dominant and abusive player. In that segment, if DLF can inform the CCI of some dominant player, other than itself, in the Rs 45-50 Lakhs category, a cause of action against the other company. Or against "tens of companies" if cartelization can be proved.

The fact is CCI just rejected a cartelization charge in the Tulips Case, and DLF seems to displayed its complete ignorance of the Competition Act in the way they have posed the question against the CCI.


New Delhi, May 15: Realty major DLF today questioned the Competition Commission of India's decision to charge it with "unfair and abusive" business practices.

The company said it was "very surprising" that no penalty had been imposed on various other realtors operating in the same market with the same product line.

Stating that it was still studying the order, DLF in a statement said, "It is, however, very surprising that in Gurgaon there are tens of companies, which offer flats in the same range of Rs 45-50 lakh.

"It is also well-known that tens of thousands of flats are offered in the area of Gurgaon within the same price range, with same amenities and in the same product line. We have also noticed that no penalty has been imposed. We are studying the order in detail and go as advised by legal counsel."

The DLF stock today ended 1.65 per cent lower at Rs 124.85 on the Bombay Stock Exchange. During the day, it fell 2 per cent to Rs 124.30.

In a fresh order yesterday against DLF, the CCI had ruled that the realty giant was guilty of indulging in "unfair and abusive" business practices in the sale of apartments in a Gurgaon housing project.

The CCI asked DLF Gurgaon Home Developers Private Limited and its group companies to "cease and desist" from such unfair trade practices, but did not impose any fresh monetary penalty as a fine of Rs 630 crore has already been slapped on the company for similar violation during the same period in a separate case.

India to get own version of class action lawsuits

Dipak Kumar Dash & Mahendra Singh, TNN | May 21, 2015, 01.43AM IST

India is set to have a stronger consumer protection law with its own version of class action suits. As the term is usually defined, a class action suit is one in which one or several persons sue on behalf of a larger group of persons, referred to as "the class". However, the Indian version will not allow individuals to sue on behalf of a larger group, but will empower an authority to make rulings applicable to larger groups.

The new rules will incorporate a product liability clause to recall items that are unsafe and hazardous.

An informal group of ministers has cleared a proposal to establish a consumer protection authority, which will have the power to order recall of such items or recommend action against the companies to existing sector-specific regulators, and incorporate fresh provisions to make the grievance redress mechanism more consumer-friendly.

As per the proposal, the companies/producers would also have to pay compensation for damage to the consumers. TOI in November had first reported the proposal to set up consumer protection authority with sweeping powers, including taking up cases suo motu besides those referred to the agency. Moreover, it can investigate the cases and order action.

Sources said finance minister Arun Jaitley, who is heading the inter-ministerial group, has suggested to the consumer affairs ministry that to avoid any overlap among independent regulators, the proposed consumer protection authority should refer investigation report to the sector-specific regulator like Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI), Competition Commission of India (CCI) for packaged food items and the proposed Vehicle Regulation and Road Safety Authority of India for issues relating to the automobile sector.

Consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan said many new suggestions have been made to make the law more consumer-friendly. Jaitley has suggested that consumers should be allowed to argue their case at every level irrespective of the amount. "He (Jaitley) has suggested it should be on the lines of civil procedure code (CPC) where a complainant can argue his case even up to the Supreme Court. The proposal floated by the consumer affairs ministry was not to allow advocates in cases involving an amount less than Rs 20 lakh," said a source.

TOI has learnt that the FM has also asked the ministry to include a provision where affidavit by a witness should be treated as enough evidence to avoid harassment of consumers. A provision will now be added minimizing cross examination. Similarly, the number of appeals will also be restricted to two

Paswan said the informal GoM will meet again next week to finalize the bill.

"The consumer protection authority will fill the gap, which is missing now to deal with unfair trade practices except those covered under the CCI Act. The authority can conduct search, seizure of documents, articles and records. It can also summon delinquent manufacturers and advertisers and order withdrawal of false or misleading advertisements. It can also impose administrative fine on those found violating the law," said a government official.

Demolition And Dislocation In Gurgaon - Fatehpur Jharsa in Sector 47

By - Manisha Pande

A village with more than 100 years of history was razed to the ground to make way for an access road to a housing society in Sector 47 of Gurgaon. This is the story of Fatehpur Jharsa and its people.

Close to five high-rises surround a patch of land that was at the centre of violent clashes after a "demolition drive" on May 15. This was once the village of Fatehpur Jharsa, which its inhabitants claim has a history going back more than a 100 years.

There's no semblance of a rural settlement here today, though. The village that was once home to over 250 families is now all dust and rubble. All you can spot are a few kekar shrubs and road rollers flattening the surface of the roughly 13-acre plot to make way for a road to an apartment complex. A cattle pond is perhaps the last relic of the village that was razed to the ground after a Haryana and Punjab High Court order.

Maya, one of residents of Fatehpur Jharsa who had moved there after she got married --"sometime before the death of Indira Gandhi" -- walks along the dusty stretch of land with her husband, Kishan Gopal, pointing at the spot that was their house before it was demolished. She says when she first came here, there was nothing but jungles and that she's seen all the buildings come up before her eyes. "I'd never imagined even in my dreams that Gurgaon would become what it is today."

Reports in the media described the demolition as another one of those "anti-encroachment" drives to remove "squatters" that are routine in the National Capital Region. Yet, other reports based on the version of Anita Yadav, an administrator with Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda), gave the sense that this was a slum where jhuggiswere rented to Bangladeshi immigrants.

According to Yadav, about 17.22 acres of land, acquired by HUDA in Fatehpur Jharsa, was under "illegal possession of land mafia and 'jhuggis' on this piece of land were rented out to outsiders, majority of whom are Bangladeshis".

For the villagers of Fatehpur Jharsa, nothing could be further from the truth. Most describe themselves as original inhabitants and victims of a nexus between the state and builders. More importantly, they state there were no jhuggis in Fatehpur Jharsa and they all had pukka houses.

Situated in what is known as Sector 47, Fatehpur Jharsa was established when people from the Jharsa village, one of the bigger villages of Gurgaon, came and settled there. It is essentially an offshoot -- called a dhani -- which traditionally come up around a johar, or a pond.

The former sarpanch of the village for 17 years, Khajaan Singh, who's now a Congress leader, says the history of the village dates back to 1857. "The village was first destroyed by the British during the Gadar Kranti. It was re-established again when people from the Kashyap community settled there. They come under the Other Backward Castes category in Haryana. This is rightfully their land, and the demolition was an abuse of the Land Acquisition Act," says Khajaan Singh.

According to Khajaan Singh, Huda first made an attempt to acquire the land in 2003 when it notified the village underSection 4 and Section 6. The villagers had objected back then under Section 5A of the Land Acquisition Bill, 1894. Gurgaon, then, had a Panchayati system and the Panchayat, with Khajaan Singh as the Sarpanch, had asserted that it wanted a release of the land. According to Khajaan Singh, Huda, however, announced an award in 2005, which the villagers again refused except for one person.

By 2008, the Panchayati system was abolished and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) was formed, which then accepted the award and carried forward the transfer of Fatehpur Jharsa to Huda, claims Khajaan Singh. The MCG had no elected representative from Fatehpur Jharsa. And, though, on paper, the village came to be government land, on the ground, it continued to be populated by villagers who remained hopeful for a release.

Yadav when contacted for Huda's version on the way Fatehpur Jharsa was acquired refused to comment.

Khajaan Singh says there had been no attempt to move the villagers till 2010. In 2011, there was an attempt to demolish the settlement but the government under Bhupinder Singh Hooda did not allow it, though it never released the land either.

Sector 47, meanwhile, was developing fast with builder apartments mushrooming around Fatehpur Jharsa. One of the housing societies that was nearing completion was that of real estate firm Unitech, called Uniworld Garden-II.

The licence agreement for Uniworld Garden-II included an access road, which on the map passed through the village. If the road had to be built, then Fatehpur Jharsa had to be demolished. Unitech went to the Haryana and Punjab High Court to get Huda to provide land for the approach road. The court on April 29 directed Huda to do so. Again, there was no representation from the people living in Fatehpur Jharsa in the high court.

The demolition happened early morning on Friday (May 15). Villagers say they were given a notice the previous evening and the demolition drive happened in less than 24 hours.

"Everything we owned was destroyed. We weren't given anytime to pick up our belongings and leave. A lot of people in the village drive autos for a living. The police smashed most of our vehicles," claims one of the villagers. Nand Kishore, another resident of Fatehpur Jharsa who recently retired from the army, claims the police beat up women and elderly people too. Close to 19 people were sent to jail for resisting, which included the local councillor and Aam Aadmi Party member, Nisha Singh.

Nisha Singh, who has been following the case of Fatehpur Jharsa's residents, got bail after being in the police lock-up for about three days. She breaks down several times while recounting the events of May 15 when the demolishment took place.

"I was there before the Huda officials began the drive and asked them for the permission letter. They refused and once they started the drive, I took cover and began filming the process with my mobile. Within no time, a policewoman approached me and took me to a squad of about 20 women from the Rapid Action Force. Thereon I was beaten and thrashed and thrown into the police van," says Nisha Singh.

Singh was charged with attempt to murder, Section 307, all for filming with her mobile camera. She says close to nine women were also detained along with her and were in the same barrack as her. "I was able to hire lawyers who convinced the judge that the charges against me were baseless and thus I got bail. But the other women don't have the means to do so," says Nisha Singh.

Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon TL Satyaprakash said, "There were petrol and cylinders thrown and we needed to deploy hard force. Between December and March, I postponed three or four requests for a demolition drive until April. I told the villagers personally that I will get them EWS [economic weaker section] houses allotted and asked them if they would be willing to negotiate but they said no." Adding that the biggest internal threat is mob frenzy, he said there is a reasonable way of protesting – "if you come to a demolition drive, there will be a problem. Two of my officers got hurt, obviously I will be enraged".

On the question of acquisition, he says it did happen but it is Huda that takes the ownership for it and it is their job to do the due diligence.

For now, most villagers are staying on the roads and parks in the vicinity of Fatehpur Jharsa. Inhabitants of Tikri village – a mid-sized village in Gurgaon – have given some of them space on their land to stay for a while. They say they do not want the compensation or government flats. They want their land back. Many blame the current BJP government in Haryana stating that its prime concern is builders and industrialists and not the poor.

Khajaan Singh and the residents of Fatehpur Jharsa have, meanwhile, filed a writ petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court for a stay on the acquisition deeming it illegal. "The High Court has accepted it," says Khajaan Singh.

The law as always will take its own course. But as often happens in such cases, the voice of the villagers will likely fade in the face of powerful corporate interests. If this can happen in the backdrop of NCR, the prospect of forced land acquisition in other parts of the country can only be imagined. And as for the law, when the powers that be are pushing for more lenient land acquisition measures, it is any wonder that a poor villager of this country feels threatened?

A village with more than 100 years of history was razed to the ground to make way for an access road to a housing society in Sector 47 of Gurgaon.
Destiny's puppets: Displacement makes survival tough for artisans

Dimple Bhardwaj, general manager, corporate communication, Raheja Developers, says Corporate Social Responsibility has played a big part in the company’s plans. “We have provided the residents with a performance area and special rooms for keeping their material.” Kathputli residents are not reassured. “My drums weigh 20 kgs each. No transport is willing to go to the camp. How will we carry our equipment?” questions one. 18-year-old Amit is convinced he can’t keep his stilts in a flat. Dilip Bhatt, a community pradhan, points out a more pressing flaw. “There’s provision for only 2800 families. We have 3200 families here. Where will the others go?”

Petitioning Lt Gov of Delhi Najeeb Jung: To stop the relocation of residents of Kathputli Colony till Raheja Builders demonstrates ability to finish 2800+ flats in time of two years.

Please sign our petition on to prevent poor people of Kathputli Colony from being displaced based on false promises that they will have their own 2800+ flats in 2 years. Unless Raheja Developers finishes his projects in Gurgaon which are incomplete even 6 years after launching, they should not allowed to work on this new site.

Raheja Developers has been notorious for launching projects like Raheja Atharva,  Raheja Shilas,  Raheja Navodaya,  Raheja Sampada over 6 years ago, and has still not been able to complete a single one. How can he deliver 2800+ flats to these poor people in 2 years??

Misleading and deceptive ad by Raheja Developers in Times Property today

Misleading and deceptive ad by Raheja Developers in Times Property today. All projects like Atharva (Sector-109,...

Lawsuits in all projects like Atharva (Sector-109, Gurgaon) Flat Owners Welfare Association Vedaanta, Navodaya, and Atlantis. More lawsuits expected in Shilas & Sampada. Fake Occupation Certificates Atharva,Shilas, and Vedaanta, and No valid FIRE NOC. And the chances of Navodaya getting Occupation Certificate any time soon are almost Zero. Look at list of lawsuits against Navin M Raheja in pic below. A longer article coming soon at

Posted by GurgaonScoop
Madhuri Dixit in soup for endorsing Maggi, served FDA notice

May 29, 2015

Why not something similar for celebrities like Anupam Kher for endorsing Vigneshwara Developers? Real estate endorsements should also be under scrutiny.

Dehradun: Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit seems to have landed in a soup for endorsing Maggi with the Haridwar Food and Drug Administration on Friday serving a notice to her on the claims made in the advertisement.

A screengrab from the Maggi ad. Image Courtesy: YouTube

The notice seeks a report from the actress within 15 days on claims made in the advertisement regarding the nutrition value of the '2-minute noodles', an official of Haridwar Food and Drug Administration said.

Maggi recently came under the scanner after samples collected by Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration were reported to be containing Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and lead more than the permissible limits.

Nestle India was asked to withdraw a batch of the popular snack from the market by the authorities in Uttar Pradesh recently.

Dixit has been asked to explain how Maggi is good for health and the basis of making the claims.

If the actress fails to respond to the notice within the stipulated time frame, a case could be registered against her, Food Security Officer Mahimanand Joshi said.


Real Estate Bill in public domain, parliamentary committee seeks feedback

PTI | 23 May 2015

NEW DELHI: The parliamentary committee on the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013, has invited suggestions from stakeholders on proposed amendments to the legislation before being tabled in the next session of Parliament.

The 21-member Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha headed by MP Anil Madhav Dave has asked individuals, organisations, institutions and experts to submit their views on the Bill within 10 days.

All correspondence may be sent to Joint Director (Com III) Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Room 212A, Parliament House Annexe, an official statement read.

"Those desirous of submitting memoranda or giving oral evidence before the committee may visit the website of Rajya Sabha, under the heading 'Notice Board'," it added.

The Bill, which seeks to set up a Real Estate Regulatory Authority for regulation and promotion of the sector, has been referred to the Select Committee for examination, and the panel has been instructed to report to the Rajya Sabha "by the last day of the first week of next session".

Among other things, it aims to ensure sale of plot, apartment buildings in an efficient and transparent manner and protect the interests of consumers.

It also seeks to establish an Appellate Tribunal to hear appeals from the decision, directions and orders of the Authority.

The Congress and other opposition parties had opposed the amendments and forced the Bill to be referred to the Select Committee of the Upper House.
Allahabad HC sets up panel to probe 'missing' IAF land in Noida

Rajesh Kumar Pandey | 25 May 2015, 8:15 AM IST

ALLAHABAD: Wondering how hundreds of acres of defence land could "vanish into thin air", the Allahabad high court has directed setting up a four-member committee to take steps for demarcating and protecting the 482-acre land acquired in 1950 in Nagla Nagli and Nagla Sagpur villages in Gautam Budh Nagar for building a permanent IAF firing and bombing range.

The court found that the revenue records available with the state authorities either presented different statistics vis-a-vis the 1950 acquisition or the records were said to be missing with respect to the above mentioned two villages.

Hearing a PIL filed by Noida-based social activist Ajit Singh, a division bench comprising Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and justice Manoj Kumar Gupta observed, "The material which has been placed on the record, indicates that valuable land which was acquired for the purposes of the IAF as far back as in 1950 against the payment of compensation has been allowed to be frittered away. How land acquired for an air bombing range for the IAF can vanish into thin air defies explanation and stretches the limits of credulousness."

"As a result of this sorry state of affairs, land which has been acquired for the benefit of the IAF, it appears, has been permitted to be dealt with by unscrupulous third parties to the detriment of the defence forces," the court added.

It ordered that the panel shall monitor the entire exercise of demarcating the land and take all necessary precautions to safeguard the interest of the IAF by ensuring due correction of the revenue records including, where necessary, by taking steps to challenge the orders of the revenue authorities which have caused detriment to the interests of the Air Force.

Directing the matter to be listed on July 28 for next hearing, the court ordered the Defence Estate Officer, Delhi Circle, to file affidavit on behalf of the constituted panel to apprise the court of progress made in this connection.

The panel would include a nominee of the commanding officer of the Indian Air Force station at Hindon, not below the rank of Group Captain, the Defence Estates Officer, Delhi Circle, the Director, Survey of India at Lucknow and the Collector and District Magistrate, Gautam Budh Nagar.

The court also directed the chairman of the Board of Revenue of Uttar Pradesh to personally monitor the matter and ensure that all necessary cooperation is extended to the panel.
Raheja Atharva Case Cited in Landmark Unitech Verve Case Asking Unitech To Pay Hefty Penalty To Buyers

You must have already heard about the recent case of Unitech being asked to pay 18% interest on money taken from the buyers in Unitech Verve …..In the Unitech Verve case the Raheja Atharva case (of Wng Cdr Alok Verma & 43 Others) was also mentioned. Every step that the Raheja buyers are taking against Raheja Developers is history & precedent setting. The screen capture from the Unitech order mentioning the Raheja Case at the National Consumer Commission (NCDRC) is as below:

Noida Cops Fight Cyber Crime Blindfolded -Same Situation in Gurgaon

By Siddhanta Mishra

Published: 24th May 2015 06:00:00 AM

NEW DELHI: Noida is often called the IT hub of Uttar Pradesh, drawing the best from the corporate world to set shop here. But when it comes to handling complaints emanating from these units—particularly from tech firms and banks—the local cyber police cell appears to be stuck in the Stone Age.

There are 400 complaints relating to data theft, bank fraud, cyber bullying and stalking pending with Noida Police's cyber cell since January. There are just three "untrained" constables aided by a private cyber professional to handle the massive workload.

There is no forensic lab, not even the basic 'Oxygen Forensic', a software costing around Rs 1.5 lakh, which is used to define preliminary evidence. To use the Net, constables on duty have to pay from their own pockets. Even the webpage of the cyber cell is dysfunctional. The printer is also out of order.

A senior police officer says that the recent leaks in the railway and AIPMT exams were executed through phones and computers, but the UP Police is not equipped to investigate them. "Most policemen in the cyber cells don't even know what an IP address is," he said.

The hitches do not end here. A Noida Police official told The Sunday Standard, "Many of these pending cases are of cyber bullying and harassment, which cannot be solved as social networking sites such as Facebook have a clause of retaining the data for 30 days. Within this time period, the local police can work on the case and ask for the details. If we are unable to meet this deadline, the company does not provide the details to the police but to the court, which makes the process longer."

"To investigate a cyber crime, one has to be trained and updated with the cyber laws. UP Police lacks this knowledge," says Kislay Chaudhary, an IT professional working with the UP Police for the last three years, who is currently posted at the Noida cyber cell.

Additional SP special task force of the UP Police Triveni Singh says, "What is most alarming is the rise in cyber crimes in the last five years. It has crossed 500 from just 100 five years ago." Singh, a Phd in cyber crime, looks after cyber crimes in the state.

However, Devendra Yadav, superintendent of police Noida City and incharge of the cyber cell, is planning to revamp it. "Skill is a must. We are taking help from outside as we need the expertise in this field. You will see drastic changes in cyber crime investigations," says Yadav, who has a master's in Cyber Security and Cyber Law. He has convened many training programmes for cops in this field and is planning to do the same in Noida.

EOW files FIR against Parsvnath, its chairman, 5 others

The Delhi Economic Offences Wing or EOW has filed an FIR against Parsvnath , chairman Pradeep Jain and 5 others.

EOW's FIR is based on complaints by buyers who have made allegations ranging from extortion, criminal breach of trust to criminal conspiracy.

The FIR alleges Parsvnath misled buyers by claiming to have all approvals in 2004. It further says HDFC , PNB and ICICI Bank denied home loans as project wasn't legal. Parsvnath also refused refunds to customers.

Meanwhile, Parsvnath sources said the company will be delivering phase one of the project this year. 173 buyers of its project La Tropicana accused that there is a minimum Rs 1000 crore fraud. According to them, the 7-year delay in handing over the project is also a criminal conspiracy by the co.

According to information through RTI, the company received all requisite approvals in 2014, a decade after the launch of the project.

Indiabulls' sales weakness is credit negative: Moody's | ET RealEstate

Sanu Sandilya | 25 May 2015, 4:24 PM IST

NEW DELHI: Global rating agency Moody's Investors Service on Monday said Indiabulls Real Estate Limited's weak operating sales in the March quarter of financial year 2014-15 is credit negative. The agency expects sales to remain weak if demand does not pick up.

"If the company's sales performance continues to remain weak, the company's credit metrics may weaken, which in turn may negatively pressure its ratings," the agency said in the report.

Indiabulls reported operating sales of 0.66 million sq ft for Rs 550 crore for the quarter ending March 31, 2015 and 1.77 million sq ft, for Rs 2,040 crore for FY15 against Moody's expectation of 3-4 million sq Ft, for Rs 2,500-3,000 crore.

Indiabulls' two projects at Gurgaon -- One Indiabulls and Indiabulls Imperial -- account for over 56% of the company's total unsold area of 23.35 million sq ft.

In addition, operating sales at One Indiabulls have also remained extremely low with the company managing to sell only 0.04 million sq ft out of the total saleable area of 6.15 million sq ft as of March 31, 2015.

"Indiabulls' high exposure to the oversupplied residential property market in Gurgaon means that sales will remain weak if demand does not pick up in the region in the coming months," the report said.

Sales in Gurgaon have been impacted due to delay in approval of building plans and infrastructure developments.

However, in a recent positive development, infrastructure development could get a boost following a ruling by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana on Dwarka Expressway. On May 21, the Court vacated its stay on construction along a 2.5 km stretch of the 18km-long Northern Peripheral Road or Dwarka Expressway, connecting Dwarka with National Highway 8, which was stuck in litigation.

"Any progress on actual construction of the Expressway will provide positive momentum for sales in the region," the agency said.

The company recorded revenues of only Rs 590 crore during the fourth quarter of financial year 2015, compared with Rs 650 crore in the last quarter.

It, however, recorded revenues of Rs 2,590 crore during financial year 2015, an increase of 50% compared to the previous year.

Illegal construction reported near Sultanpur National Park's "Silent Zone"

Snehil Sinha, Hindustan Times, Gurgaon - Updated: May 25, 2015 12:14 IST

Illegal construction has been going on within five kilometres of Sultanpur National Park, Farrukhnagar. It is the only eco-sensitive zone earmarked by the state government in southern Haryana which has recorded sighting of over 250 bird species. Any non- forest activity within five kilometres of it is illegal.

Environmentalists said that despite filing complaints and writting letters, construction activity is going on in full swing and no action has been taken in this regard.

Vivek Kamboj, founder of NGO Haryali, who wrote the letter said,"The construction is by private individuals, proceeding at rapid pace and is within the 500 metres radius which prohibits construction activity. In some cases, it is in full view of the National Park entrance or in continuous areas of which the Park authorities are well aware."

He added,"Repeated attempts to lodge complaints and stop this activity which will completely destroy this National Park, which is a collective legacy of the country, have been in vain."

Forest officials have confirmed that violations have come to their notice in the past few months. Sources in the department said that a Google study was conducted recently to check the status of the Sultanpur eco-sensitive zone in 2014. 25- 30 cases of violations have been recorded that will be reported soon.

MD Sinha, conservator of forest, Gurgaon has written to the senior town planner seeking details of Change in Land Use (CLU) licences granted in the past five years in the area and how they have been granted.

The letter was sent to the senior town planner a year and a half ago. There was a reminder sent last month to get details of CLUs near Sultanpur National Park. However, no response has been received in nearly two years.

This area was declared an eco-sensitive zone by Haryana in 2010 by the eco- sensitive zone Sulatnpur notification. This means the land cannot be changed for any purpose from green to non-green. The order also says that the park and an area of 5km around it can only be used for forest and agriculture-related purposes. anything.

The Sultanpur National Park is known for its migratory birds. The park has three large watch towers specially erected for a panoramic view of the birds. The park, on the Gurgaon- Farukh Nagar Road, is 15km from Gurgaon and 50km from Delhi.

Lodha residents protest against builder’s apathy in Hyderabad

25 May 2015

HYDERABAD: Around 100 property owners in the Lodha Casa Paradiso project at Sanathnagar held placards and halted sale of properties on Sunday, protesting against the builder for allegedly neglecting their plight, The Hindu newspaper has reported.

The property owners, under the aegis of Casa Paradiso Owners' Welfare Association, are at loggerheads with the Lodha Group over provision of parking space, club house and roof rights.

The residents claim the builder provided them no covered parking space as pro-mised earlier, while the club house was constructed at a location inaccessible to most .

"The club house is built on the other side of the project which is separated from the side where most of the flats are located, by a 100 feet-wide main road. We asked the builder to put on hold the sale of remaining flats until our demands are met," said G. Chandrashekar Rao, joint secretary of the association.
Gurgaon's Orior Developers asked to pay Rs 10 lakh each to three flat buyers | ET RealEstate

The district consumer court also asked the builder to pay Rs 50,000 to each for harassment, mental agony and pain, and Rs 11,000 each as litigation expenses.

GURGAON: The district consumer court has ordered a city-based developer to pay compensation of nearly Rs 10 lakh each to three buyers who had moved pleas seeking refund of the Rs 5 lakh booking amount for the flats that they had paid in 2007.

The compensation includes Rs 5 lakh in lieu of the booking amount, the rest being interest of 96%, at 12% per year for eight years.

The court also asked the builder to pay Rs 50,000 to each for harassment, mental agony and pain, and Rs 11,000 each as litigation expenses.

On November 14, 2014, three members of a Delhi-based family moved court after they failed to get possession of the flats. "Neither had the construction begun, nor was our money returned," said H S Bains, a complainant.

The court rejected the plea of Gurgaon-based Orior Developers and Infrastucture that the buyers were not entitled to a refund as it had not refused to deliver the flats "Complainants had to ask for refund as no development had taken place in eight years. Consumers can't be left waiting indefinitely by the builder," said Raj Kumar Tewatia, the judge.

The builder then submitted it be allowed to return the amount without interest, on which the court said it would be a "violation of dignity and against justice". "Selling dreams not only amounts to unfair trade practice, but also cheating and misappropriation of funds. Returning the principal amount so late can't absolve the defendant from paying interest," said the court.

The buyers had asked for a 24% interest, but the court described its 12% award as "reasonable and just".

ERA - Adel Landmarks रियल एस्टेट कंपनी पर 1000 करोड़ की धोखाधड़ी का आरोप – दैनिक भास्कर – 1-May-2015

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गुड़गांव में बिल्डरों के खिलाफ लगातार दर्ज हो रहे एफआईआर में एक और नाम जुड़ गया है। ईरा लैंडमार्क नामक रियल स्टेट कंपनी के आधा दर्जन डायरेक्टर्स के खिलाफ करीब एक हजार करोड़ की ठगी का आरोप लगा है। राजेंद्र पार्क थाने में इस कंपनी के खिलाफ अब तक आधा दर्जन से अधिक एफआईआर दर्ज की जा चुकी हैं।शुक्रवार को भी सीपी के आदेश के बाद 5 एफआईआर दर्ज की गई हैं। शुरुआती जांच में पता चला है कि करीब 400 लोग इस घोटाले से प्रभावित हैं। पीडितों से फ्लैट बुकिंग के नाम पर लाखों रुपए एडवांस लिया गया है। उसके बाद न तो फ्लैट दिया और न ही एडवांस के रूप में ली रकम ही वापस दी गई। परेशान लोगों ने थक हार कर पुलिस को इस मामले की शिकायत दी। पुलिस ने कंपनी के खिलाफ धोखाधड़ी व जान से मारने की धमकी देने के आरोप में मामला दर्ज कर तीन सदस्यीय पुलिस टीम को जांच की जिम्मेवारी सौंपी है।हर निवेशक से लिए 20 लाख रुपएराजेंद्र पार्क थाना में दी गई अलग-अलग शिकायतों में पीड़ित लोगों ने इरा/एडल लैंडमार्क कंस्ट्रक्शन कंपनी पर कई गंभीर आरोप लगाए हैं। लोगों की शिकायत के अनुसार वर्ष 2011 में गुड़गांव के दौलताबाद के पास सेक्टर-103 में कंपनी द्वारा फ्लैट बनाने की योजना निकाली गई। उसके बाद कंपनी ने फ्लैट की बुकिंग भी शुरू कर दी। शेष पेज 13 परइसके लिए करीब 400 से अधिक लोगों से एडवांस के नाम लाखों रुपए ले लिए गए। इसी बीच निवेशकों को पता चला सेक्टर-103 की जिस जमीन पर फ्लैट बनाए जाने थे उस जमीन को कंपनी ने एक बड़ी रियल स्टेट कंपनी को बेच दिया है। जब तक लोग कुछ समझ पाते, तब तक कंपनी लोगों का पैसा लेकर गायब हो चुकी थी। यह भी पता चला है कि एडवांस के नाम पर हर निवेशक से करीब 20 लाख रुपए से अधिक लिया गया है।फेसबुक पर चल रही मुहिमकंपनी के खिलाफ कई पीड़ितों ने एक कम्युनिटी बनाकर विरोध प्रदर्शन शुरू कर दिया। गुड़गांव में किए गए गोलमाल की कहानी भी फेसबुक पर चली है। पीडितों ने इस फेसबुक पर इरा/एलडीएल लैंडमार्क लिन. फ्राड विक्टिम्स नाम से फेसबुक पर पेज बनाया है।सभी डायरेक्टरों को बनाया आरोपीजांच में पता चला की कंपनी ने बीते साल अपना नाम बदलकर एडल लैंडमार्क रख लिया। इसके पहले कंपनी का नाम इरा लैंडमार्क था। पुलिस की एफआईआर में अरविंद कुमार, सुमित भराना, राकेश गुप्ता, अरविंद बिडला, मनीष भराना, रश्मि भराना, एनवी सिंह, पीपी मैथरना, जेसी खुशबु, एसके विनायक, अमरजीत गुप्ता सहित अन्य सभी डायरेक्टरों को आरोपी बनाया गया है।हजार करोड़ से अधिक की ठगीपहले तो लोगों ने अपने स्तर से अपना एडवांस पैसा निकालने की काफी कोशिश की लेकिन जब कंपनी के किसी अधिकृत व्यक्ति से उनका संपर्क नहीं हो पाया तो अंत में विवश होकर वे अपनी शिकायत लेकर पुलिस कमिश्नर के पास पहुंचे। कंपनी पर धोखाधड़ी का आरोप लगाते हुए शिकायत दी। लोगों की शिकायत सीपी ने राजेंद्र पार्क पुलिस थाने में मामला दर्ज करने का निर्देश दिया। जांच अधिकारी सब-इंस्पेक्टर आत्माराम ने बताया कि पुलिस ने कंपनी के खिलाफ सुमन, विजय कुमार यादव, प्रिय दर्शनी सैनी, चंद्रेश बोलिया, सुरेंद्र सिंह सहित अन्य लोगों की शिकायत पर धोखाधड़ी के आधा दर्जन मामले दर्ज किए गए हैं। आत्माराम ने बताया कि कंपनी पर करीब हजार करोड़ की ठगी का मामला है।Dainik Bhaskar
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